Cooler Master Notepal I300 Notebook Cooler Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts



Overall, the I300 has a pleasantly simple design which has several follow-on benefits.  First, the thin and lightweight design packs away into bags easily, and is one of the most portable 17-inch notebook coolers we've come across.  The design simplicity also makes it look really good.  The top mesh first snugly and seamlessly into the bottom, and provides a large cooling surface which promotes cooling along the entire surface of your notebook.  The 160mm fan is pleasantly quiet, with only a slight hum detected underneath your notebook.


Cooler Master's only deviation from pure simplicity is the inclusion of four diffused blue LEDs which cause the transparent fan to glow, and it actually looks pretty nice.  We've said a couple time how the lights aren't the harsh blue LEDs you may know from many "gamer" products, and aren't even particularly bright in a dark room.  The lights splash a little light on the table or desktop, but we think the inclusions of a simple LED toggle would have been nice.


The Good

  • Simple design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Whisper quiet
  • Pleasant lighting
  • Seamless build quality
  • Great value

The Bad

  • No LED toggle
  • No fan speed adjustment
  • Cable management absent



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