Cooler Master Notepal I300 Notebook Cooler Review - Design




The Notepal I300 has a very clean and tidy appearance.  The bottom is made from a single piece, with the top consisting of a single piece of mesh, and the two halves come together seamlessly.  The chassis is mostly hollow apart from the single 160mm fan.  The bottom is also very simple, with two folding feet which allow for additional tilt, three rubber feet on the front which provide surface traction, and the fan vent located toward the back in the center of the cooler.  With the feet down, the shape of the cooler provides a bit of subtle tilt.




Underneath the very clean upper mesh surface is the clear-bladed 160mm fan.  LEDs add a splash of illumination, but they're shieleded enough that they're not annoyingly bright like many blue LEDs can be.  The lights create a nice splash of light on the tabletop under your notebook, and is probably well-suited for gamers and will accommodate up to 17-inch laptops.  The USB cable is relatively long, and protrudes out of the rear venting.  The end includes a pass-through so you don't lose a USB port to keep your notebook cool.   We're a little surprised to see the lack of any cable organization on the I300 since it's been a staple on the other Notepal products we've tested. The Notepal I300 is meant to be a very affordable notebook solution so it's hard to expect all of the little luxuries of its more expensive brethren.

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