Arctic Accelero Mono Plus VGA Cooler Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The Accelero Mono Plus comprises a fairly "tight" package, with the heatsink matching the size of the 120mm fan and the heatpipes tightly curved from the base to the heatsink.  The heatsink depth is quite low to ensure clearance to another GPU or other add-on cards.  Installation was quite easy once we'd fully interpreted the installation instructions, and essentially only required the installation of adhesive-backed spacers and four bolts.  The pre-applied thermal paste might be nice for some, but is likely to be immediately cleaned off by enthusiasts to exchange with Arctic's MX-4 compound or thier thermal paste of choice.  The Accelero Mono Plus has an impressive versatility to be used on a wide range of cards from both ATI/AMD and Nvidia.



We were nothing short of impressed by the performance, with temperature reductions of at least 10°C and ultra-quiet performance.  Next to the CPU cooler, the large fan pushes plenty of air at whisper-quiet noise levels, and we had difficulty, even under load, to differentiate the noise from the Accelero Mono Plus from the Cooler Master TPC 812 cooling the CPU.  The max fan speed was only boosted to a meager 45%, so there is definitely more thermal dissipation capacity to be tapped if you need it.  The installed cooler looks a bit odd, as it extends outside of the ede of the card, and it would be nice if that extra airflow could blow over the VRM and power components.  We did notice a higher level of voltage-sensitivity, and we can't say for sure if that's due to lack of airflow over the VRM or a coincidence.  If you're replacing the cooler on a reference card, the large number of heatsinks will likely allow you to see more stable operation at higher clock speeds, but our non-reference card already had VRM heatsinks installed, but not RAM-sinks.


 DSC 0983


Currently, the Accelero Mono Plus can be found for around $40, which is a significant cost to most builders.  If you have a card that runs fairly quiet and has the cooling capability you're looking for, you're probably best off sticking with what you've got.  If you're looking to boost the performance of your reference card which lacks heatsinks for the VRM and RAM and the stock solution isn't cutting it from a thermal or acoustic standpoint, the Accelero Mono Plus is a good choice for a low-profile and versatile solution.  We think those who'd be the happiest shelling out the $40 are those who are particular about noise, and this is definitely where the Accelero Mno Plus accels while still drastically lowering temps of our DirectCU II-equipped card.



  • Low-profile design
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Simple installation
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Lowered temps 10+°C



  • Extends outside the edge of the card -- aesthetically different
  • Somewhat confusing installation instructions




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Just a little comment :
The i5 3770k doesn't exist :D
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Just a little comment :
The i5 3770k doesn't exist :D

Good catch! I'll fix my fumbly-fingers mistake.