Arctic Accelero Mono Plus VGA Cooler Review - Installation


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 We wanted to see how the Accelero Mono Plus would fare against a higher-end stock cooling solution, so we installed in on an ASUS GTX 560 Ti DirectCUII card.  This card is entirely non-reference, so also would present the greatest challenge to compatibility.  The VRMs and power delivery components already had VRM heatsinks, but we were able to use the provided heatsinks on the RAM chips.



Installation is quite simple.  There are a large variety of difference heatsink sizes, so you can match up the proper ones to the VRM and RAM components you would like to apply them to.  Arctic supplies thermal paste glue, a plastic mixing container, and a plastic spatula to apply the paste.  Once you've applied the thermal glue and the heatsinks, a set time of 5 hours is required.



The heatsink installation was easy, as we only had to apply the plastic spacers to the appropriately specified holes in the installation manual, line them up, and secure with four screws and insulated washers onto the back of the card.  Then, plug in the fan and you're good to go!  The actual steps were quite easy, but the manual was a bit confusing at times.  We wonder if there might be a bit of performance loss in the power delivery components, as they no longer see the direct airflow they had with the stock cooler.  We also worried that the heatsink extending away from the motherboard might cause clearance problems or put added stress on the card, but it feels rock solid and there are no clearance issues in a case with a normal width.  Overall, it does look a bit awkward, but I found I got used to its unique appearance rather quickly.  Another side note is whether or not the hot airflow from the fan blowing hot air from the GPU straight up into our CPU cooler would have any appreciable difference to its cooling performance.  We weren't able to notice anything obviously above the general variance from ambient conditions, however.

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Just a little comment :
The i5 3770k doesn't exist :D
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Just a little comment :
The i5 3770k doesn't exist :D

Good catch! I'll fix my fumbly-fingers mistake.