Arctic Accelero Mono Plus VGA Cooler Review - Design


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 The Accelero Mono Plus employs a single quiet 120mm PWM fan to move air through the heatsink.  We've has great experiences with Arctic's fans in the past, and a single larger fan will mean quieter operation than the small fans used on stock coolers.  The fan clips easily onto the heatsink, and provides a bezel around the edge which gives it a bit more styling.  As we'll discussin the performance section, these fans are smooth and incredibly quiet.  The heatsink is sized to the 120mm fan, with the heatpipes only barely extending outside its footprint.  The heatsink depth is fairly shallow and the overall unit is very low-profile.  Arctic also does something unique with their fins that I'm a big fan of.  When they punch the holes for the fins, it creates a lip which increases the contact area with the heatpipes which helps improve heat dissipation while also making the fins more sturdy.



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The base of the Accelero Mono Plus is all-copper, and is machined and polished to be very smooth and flat.  The mounting plate has a large number of holes to enable its vast compatibility.  Arctic includes a pre-applied layer of thermal paste which is nice for those looking for a quick and easy fan swap.  However, the typical customer for aftermarket GPU cooling is an enthusiast, and they may see this as being something they have to clean off first before being able to use their favorite thermal paste.  The five large 6mm heatpipes are wrapped tightly between the base and heatsink, maintaining a low-profile stance and ensuring greater card compatibility. 

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Just a little comment :
The i5 3770k doesn't exist :D

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