Antec Kuhler H20 920 Liquid CPU Cooler Review - Chill Control V

Chill Control V

Antec has included their Chill Control V software, which allows robust control of the fans/pump speed as well as providing monitoring.  The left image below shows the "Extreme" setting, which, frankly, will never be used with the included fans.  The 51dB sound level is probably generous, as these babies absolutely roar, but more on that later.  The monitor displays current liquid temperature, sound level, fan speed, and pump speed statistics, including max, min, and average values.  The sound level seems reasonably accurate, and at the very least, gives you a relative comparison of noise level.





Additionally, Antec provides pretty good fan controls, although a fully-defined fan speed curve would be preferred, especially given how loud the fans can get when they start to spool up.  They provide a liquid temperature to start the "Fan Ramp" where the pre-defined fan speed profile begins to increase to keep the liquid temps down.  You can also define a Full Speed liquid temp, which essentially defines how quickly the fan speed ramps.


Notifications may also be set based upon liquid temperature and/or fan speed levels.  The monitoring is also graphed, so you can view a liquid temperature and fan speed plot over time.  A number of miscellaneous settings are also available, which include the option to display in Fahrenheit, startup settings, skin color scheme, log intervals, and a full 16.4 million color RGB setting for the cooling head LED, a nifty feature for all of us who are particular about build aesthetics.




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# Michael Munden 2013-01-10 08:18
The CPU of my Gaming Desktop is no more felt a heat while playing heavy games after I install this stuff. This cooling system is great design, easy to install and maintenance free. Thanks.