Antec Kuhler H20 920 Liquid CPU Cooler Review - Installation


Installing the Kuhler H2O 920 is a bit different than the traditional air coolers I'm used to, but it's pretty straight forward.  A rear bracket is held in place by two adehesive strips, then two clips and thumbscrews are placed on the top bracket.  You mount the first fan to the chassis, which bolts through and also secures the radiator, then the second fan is attached to the radiator with four more bolts.  After that is the tricky part, although I did it slightly different than the instructions.  The instructions say to bolt in the top bracket partly, then there are tabs on the base.  The cooling head will fit in-between the tabs, then you rotate it slightly so the tabs line up with notches on the bracket, and you tighten down the bracket.  I simply placed the bracket and lowered the cooling head onto the motherboard and then tightened it down ontop of it by holding the cooling head in place with one hand, and tightening the screws with the other.  Fairly simple.  The USB and fans must then be connected to their respective motherboard headers.


Kuhler920_MountedRadiator Kuhler920_RadiatorFans

Kuhler920_HeadBracket Kuhler920_Head

  Once started up, there was a bit of gurgling while the pump drew in liquid, and it was off and running.  The Illuminated Antec logo on the cooling base is nicely diffused and looks great.  The color can be changed in the Chill Control V software.



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# Michael Munden 2013-01-10 08:18
The CPU of my Gaming Desktop is no more felt a heat while playing heavy games after I install this stuff. This cooling system is great design, easy to install and maintenance free. Thanks.