Arctic Cooling Freezer i30 CPU Cooler Review - Installation


DSC 1145

Mounting the Arctic Cooling Freezer i30 is a pleasantly simple process.  A bracket first attaches to the backplate, and then the cooler is placed ontop and two screws hold it firmly into place.  The metal brackets which extend from the cooler base are at a slight angle, so they apply a bit of added elastic pressure and also ensure the cooler is tightened evenly.  The cooler also isn't remarkably wide, so we didn't have any trouble reaching the screws with our chunky screwdrivers.  One-person installation in a pre-installed motherboard was a breeze, and that's our benchmark for installation, so kudos to Arctic in this regard.  As a reviewer, we being to notice the slightest annoyances when frequently swapping out coolers, and the Freezer i30 didn't have us ripping our hair out.


Installation is even easier on LGA 2011, simply place four metal spacers onto the motherboard, attach the brackets, apply paste, drop the cooler into place, and secure the final two screws.  Easy.

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