Arctic Cooling Freezer i30 CPU Cooler Review - A Closer Look

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The Freezer i30 comes with a 120mm fan with a fluid dynamic bearing with a bezel used to attach the fan to the heatsink and prevent flow spillage.  The fins are bent on the sides to create a smooth face which helps prevent the fins from bending but also directs the flow through the fins without allowing flow out the sides, which allows for better pressure across the fins.  The side opposite the fan has angles notched with add an edgy modern contour, but also shows that there isn't an option to mount a second fan for push-pull configurations.  The top of the fan bezel has a subtle embossed Arctic logo, and the top fin has lightly embossed edges for a dash of added visual intricacy.  The heatpipes are emerge from the top, and aren't capped, likely as a cost saving feature to aggressively price the Freezer i30.


Arctic Cooling Freezer i30 No FanArctic Cooling Freezer i30 Side No Fan

The fins are made of a relatively thick aluminum, and are very sturdy.  One nice innovation I noted from Arctic is that there are rings stamped into the fins which slide over the heatpipes, which creates a large surface are for contact between the heatpipes and fins.  A limiting factor for many coolers is the interface between the heatpipes and fins, either because of minimal contact or poor solders or welds, and Arctic seems to have hit a nice way to mitigate that issue.


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The heatpipes have an exposed design, which from our experiences with other coolers, presents a noticeable increase in heat dissipation as there is less thermal resistance between the processor and the core of the heatpipes.  The for large 8mm heatpipes are machined to a smooth finish and creates the very smooth contact base.  The mounting brackets are machines out of the same piece which creates the sides of the base for an even application of pressure.


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The fan cables are sleeved with a rubberized sleeving which looks nice, but is a bit stiffer and thicker than traditional sleeving.  The fan itself includes a high quality fluid dynamic bearing which is smooth and has very little vibration.  The 9 impeller blades have an intricate aerodynamic design which we've come to like alot over the years as they move alot of air at low decibel levels.  The blade pitch increases as it nears the motor hub which means that the air will be accelerated evenly across the fan (since the blade is moving faster at the blade tips) which is more quiet and efficient .  The included fan also has a maximum speed at a relatively-low 1350rpm, and when at full speed this thing is whisper quiet.  The quality of the fan which comes with the Freezer i30 is something which mustn't be overlooked in your cooler decision, as many coolers arrive with relatively unremarkable fans.

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