Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition TTC-NC55TZ(RB) CPU Cooler Review - Installation



DSC 1067

The installation procedure for the Titan Fenrir Siberia edition is fairly simple and straight forward.  However, when installing onto a pre-installed motherboard, it requires a bit of dexterous gymnastics, and someone with small hands willing to help out.  In order to reach the upper right mounting screw, it required that we actually reach underneath the horizontal heatsink, which I wasn't able to do since I have rather large hands.  The cooler installs easily when the motherboard is outside of the case, but the challenge then becomes securing the two left motherboard screws on the top of the motherboard.  The 8-pin CPU power connector also becomes a challenge to secure, and would need to be done before attaching the motherboard to the motherboard tray of the case.

 The fans also had to be very carefully placed so that they wouldn't contact the heatsink fins, and required a little bit of patience to align them on the user-installed rubber ant-vibration pads.  We had to reposition the rubber pads and make minor adjustments to ensure the vertical fan spun freely, but we had no such trouble on the horizontal heatsink.

 You can see from the image above that the Fenrir Siberia edition is quite large, and covers most of the upper half of the motherbaord, and the vertical fan butts up nicely to the rear exhaust fan for efficient heat dissipation out of the case.  The horizontal fan does provide a large amount of airflow to the RAM, northbridge heatsink as well as the top of the video card, and added benefit of top flow coolers.

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