Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition TTC-NC55TZ(RB) CPU Cooler Review - A Closer Look

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The Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition comes in a large box with Titan's blue color scheme with well thought-out packaging.  The box opens up to the cooler itself, 140mm and 120mm fans, an installation manual, and a ton of hardware for universal mounting compatibility.

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The heatsinks are similar in size to other two-tower vertical coolers, although one is slightly expanded in size, and laid flat over the top of the contact base.  The top fin has an embossed texture, which adds a hint of style to the upper portion of the fin stack.  The fins have angled sides that the fin spacing is held firmly, and reduces the likelihood of accidentally bending the fins.  The angled sides also prevent airflow from spilling out the sides of the fins, which increased the airflow between the fins, which is a critical aspect to maximizing how much heat the heatsink is capable of dissipating. Each of the heatpipes extends entirely through the length of the stacks, and the curved shape of the heatpipes for the horizontal heatsink allows for a large heatpipe surface area, but also means there's more thermal "distance" between the heatsink and the contact base, which increased the thermal resistance in a similar analog to electricity.  The horizontal heatpipes also enable very large clearances for other motherboard components, so if you have high-profile heatsinks on your RAM, you shouldn't have to worry about it clearing.

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The fins themselves have a curvature on the side the fan mounts upon to enable a bit of space between the fins and the cooling fans, which has been shown to prevent flow stagnation and allow greater airflow between the fins.  For a similar purpose, grooves are also notched into the edges of the fins which further minimize flow stagnation.  Five very large 8mm heatpipes extend through the copper base and into each heatsink.  The large heatpipes should enable high rates of thermal transfer, and seem almost necessary given how long the heatpipes for the horizontal heatsink are.  Larger heatpipes also mean you'll have better heat transfer out of the pipe itself, before reaching the heatsink fins.

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The contact base is a machined and  polished copper which is very flat and smooth.  You can see a couple of the minor imperfections in the surface.  The heatpipes consume the entire width of the base, and are each a single pipe, as opposed to many double-heatsink coolers which have half the pipes extend in one direction, and the other half to the other heatsink (many have smaller, 6mm heatpipes, but 6 of them instead of 5).

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The fans supplied wit the Titan Fenrir Siberia have a dark blue enclosure and white blades.  The blades have a shape seen on many other fans, and these swept blades have shown in the past to be very quiet.  The bearings are very smooth and the blades spin with very little vibration.  The fan cables are sleeved with black sleeving, as is the Y-cable for connecting both fans to a single 4-pin PWM fan plug.

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