Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition TTC-NC55TZ(RB) CPU Cooler Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The Fenrir Siberia Edition is one of the largest coolers we've tested, and also settles in nicely as one of few to have a combination side and top-flow cooler.  The 5 large 8mm copper heatpipes enable a rated 220W TDP thermal capacity, but they're also long as they snake their way to the horizontal heatsink.  The installation wasn't the smoothest we've have, but that's largely due to its size, and I've got large hands to it required a helper to install.  The fans are very smooth and quiet, although we had to spend a bit of time testing our patience to ensure they were aligned just right on the vertical heatsink, or the tips of the blades would graze the fins.  Once it was up-and-running, the Fenrir Siberia did well, but was bested by a smaller, single-fan cooler in the Arctic Freezer i30, in all of the tests.  However, we suspect, as we predicted after testing the Scythe Susanoo, that we'll see better relative performance from the Fenrir Siberia when it's pushed hard.  We'll be upgrading our testbed in a few weeks, and we'd like to take it for another spin, and really push it and see where it comes out.  We'll also be scanning for other independent test results to see if our prediction is shown to be true.

 For the casual user, however, there are a huge array of options for smaller coolers which will be more ideal for mild overclocks or casual cooling, and that would likely be the best way to go.  If you're someone who is pushing for every ounce and squeezing every few Hertz out of your processor, we'll dig deeper and determine if the larger Fenrir Siberia will suite your needs against the other high-performance coolers in the market.  What our results don't show is the added benefit of the RAM and motherboard cooling provided by the horizontal fan, so if you also overclock your RAM, the Fenrir Siberia also holds a bit of added utility in that fashion.  The heatpipes are also designed in a way to maximize clearance over RAM, and we don't foresee there being any issues unless your RAM has a very high-profile heatsink.  Overall, Titan has designed a unique cooler providing a hybrid solution for both side and top flow coolers, and we're looking to see how these are priced against the competition at a range of retailers as they make their way to the US market!


  • Quiet Operation
  • Secondary cooling of a wide range of other components


  • Somewhat difficult to install
  • Large and heavy
  • Not efficient at low thermal loads

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