Arctic F12 Pro PWM 120mm Case Fan Review


Arctic's fans are often distinctive for their clean white and black color scheme, their complicated fan geometry, and unique fan cage designs.  For many years, Arctic Cooling has been one of the go-to companies for value cooling components, providing great performance in both cooling and noise, and a small price tag.  Their F12 Pro PWM is designed to be a quiet performer, and a quieter computer is something we never turn away from, so we look forward to seeing what it can do! 



The ARCTIC F Pro PWM fan outperforms other 80mm/92mm/120mm fans in the market, in regards to their performance/noise ratio. With efficient central cooling, the ARCTIC F Pro PWM fans offer excellent cooling and noise control performance for the system.




Best Noise-Performance Ratio

The ARCTIC F Pro PWM fans deliver unbelievably quiet performance. The key to this performance is the patented vibration absorption of the ARCTIC F Pro PWM fans. This sophisticated feature absorbs vibration, caused by the motor of the fan. This way, the vibrations can’t be transmitted to the PC Case and other components.

Easy Installation

Installation can never be easier. Users can mount the ARCTIC F Pro PWM fans on the PC case by the four screws provided. Alternatively, these fans can be installed with screwless mounting mechanism provided in the chassis.


Efficient Central Cooling by PST

With the innovative patented PWM Sharing Technology (PST) function, the ARCTIC F Pro PWM can connect up to five fans, including CPU fans. The speed of all the fans in this PST system is now centrally controlled by a single PWM signal via BIOS.



Noise Level F8 : 0,3 Sone
F9: 0,4 Sone
F12: 0,5 Sone
Fan Speed F8 : 700 - 2000 RPM
F9 : 700 - 2000 RPM
F12 : 400 - 1500 RPM
Airflow F8 : 33 CFM / 56,1 m3/h
F9 : 39 CFM / 49,3 m3/h
F12 : 54 CFM / 91,7 m3/h
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Dimensions (Packaging) F8 : 82 L x 82 W x 35 H mm
F9: 95 L x 95 W x 37 H mm
F12: 123 L x 123 W x 40 H mm
Dimensions (Product) F8 : 80 L x 80 W x 32 H mm
F9 : 93 L x 93 W x 35 H mm
F12 : 120 L x 120 W x 38 H mm
Limited Warranty 2 years
UPC F8 : 0872767002364
F9: 0872767002371
F12: 0872767002388
Net Weight F8 : 96 g
F9: 111 g
F12: 177 g
itemnumber AFACO-12PP0-GBA01
Gross Weight 0.2 kg

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# dqwdwq 2012-08-17 20:58
no decibel
no m3/s
useless review
# Inferno 2012-08-18 12:26
Quoting dqwdwq:
no decibel
no m3/s
useless review

We appreciate the feedback, and your comment will help us identify areas where we can improve our test beds. We'll be soon adding a decibel-meter to our equipment, and accurate volumetric flow-rate measuring tools are hard to come by.

Although we may not have provided the quantitative information you're looking for, which we'll do our best to include in future reviews, we believe that many users do not necessarily needor look for specific noise and flow rate numbers. It may provide comparisons, but few people actually know what the difference between 4dB and 20dB, especially since it's on a logarithmic scale. Many people simply want to know, "is it loud?" and we think we adequately answered those qualitative questions.

Thank you for the feedback, and we're always working on improving our testbeds.