Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 CPU Cooler Review - Installation and Testing



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Installation on the Freezer 13 is very simple.  It's a relatively small cooler in comparison to the monsters that have emerged lately, so pushpins provide plenty support (at a slight cost to CPU pressure, but easier on the motherboard).  Their pushpins are far, far better than Intel's, which is a blessing.  I had to remove one stick of my RAM, which has a large heatsink in order to install the fan after securing the cooler, but the RAM fit perfectly fine after the fan was installed.  I would check the dimensions to be certain.  The white fan and the top of the fan look very clean and a bit edgy, which adds a bit of paradoxically "subtle flash" to the cooler inside the case.



Test System:

CPU: Intel i5 2300
Motherboard: MSI P67A-GD55
RAM: 2x2GB Patriot Viper Xtreme 1600MHz DDR3
OS HDD: Patriot Pyro 60GB SSD


Idle Testing

For idle testing, we booted up the system, allowed the CPU to stabilized at ~0% usage, and then tested for at least 10 minutes, and we used RealTemp to record the CPU temperatures once the temperatures were stable.  The single temperature recorded was the average between the four cores.

Freezer 13 Idle


Load Testing

For our load tests, we used Prime95 to stress the CPU to 100%, and let it run that way until the temperatures became stable, and then used RealTemp to record the temperatures.

Freezer 13 Load



As we can see from these results, the Freezer 13 fared quite well!  It bested several much larger (and more expensive) coolers.  Interestingly, it was bested by all others in OC Idle testing, which says to me that the heatpipes continue to "pick up" thermal load even into higher temperatures before they reach their capacity limit, hence why it fares better at higher loads.  However, you can clearly see that the Freezer 13 has a larger jump between the stock and overclocked load conditions, which indicates that our ~25% overclock was beginning to "max out" the thermal capacity of the cooler, which helps to determine how it's overclock performance will likely decrease more rapidly than the other coolers we tested it against.  With the Freezer 13 retailing for a bit over $30, it definitely makes a strong case for the overclocking builder on a tight budget.  It's also a compelling option for cases with tight clearances, and it's very quiet, so it makes a great selection for the acoustic enthusiast.

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