Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 CPU Cooler Review - Pictures

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Arctic has been very consistent in their packaging, and it's run through nearly every product I've seen. They have a consistent grey-scale color scheme with many pictures and specs on the box. They also, more than anyone I've seen, have an obsessive attention to providing great visibility to the actual product inside the box. Their products are always intelligently and safely packaged as well.

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The Freezer 13 comes with an installation manual, and mounting hardware for both Intel and AMD chipsets, and also has Arctic Cooling's high performance MX-4 thermal paste pre-applied.

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The Freezer 13 is an edgier, more modern-looking version of the Freezer 7, with a similar integrated fan and bracket for mounting to the cooler.  The back side has an edgy, slanted contour while the fan side has a completely flat shape.  The mount provides a bit of space between the fan blades and the cooler to help prevent stagnation, and the fan itself has highly-angled fan blades that take a large "cut" of air.  This means that the cooler is capable of pushing alot of air at lower RPMs, generally speaking, lower RPM=lower noise, which is always a plus.  The blades also have a complicated blade shape which should also lead to reduced noise by controlling the vortices off the end of the fan.  The edges of the fins are bent down which keeps the fins evenly spaced, prevents bending, and keeps air between the fins by preventing overflow out the sides which helps move more air across the entire fin surface for more thorough and even cooling.

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Four large integrated copper heatpipes converge onto an all-copper base for 200W of rated thermal capactity, which is plenty for any modern CPU.  The base is smooth and very flat underneath its pre-applied layer of MX-4 thermal paste.

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