Akasa Venom Voodoo Universal CPU Cooler Review - Pictures

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Similarly to Venom's box, the Venom Voodoo comes in a predominantly black box with yellow accents, and multilingual specs and features displayed.  The cooler is packed very intelligently, and arrived safe and sound.

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The Venom Voodoo package includes the tower itself, two 120mm Viper fans, a small tube of thermal paste, an installation manual, and all of the hardware needed to mount on any AMD or Intel platform.

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The Voodoo's tower design follows suit with most high performance coolers of today.  It has relatively wide-spaced fins and grooves for improved airflow, since the grooves provide separation between the fans and the fins, preventing flow stagnation.  It also has 6 heatpipes, with a staggered design and an exposed-heatpipe bottom.  The bottom isn't remarkably smooth, and the copper has some minor irregularities, and small grooves between the pipes and the base, which may prevent optimal contact from being made.  The exposed heatpipes, however, may make up for the manufacturing challenges by allowing more efficient heat conduction away from the base.

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The fans have a soft plastic bracket which is used for a quick "snap-on" installation of the fans.  Simply line up the top of the bracket so that it slides under the plastic cap on the top, and the fans snap right in.  The Voodoo does come with two fans with the brackets attached for push-pull mounting.  The Voodoo is rather unique with its flashy plastic upper cap, which has a yellow mesh cover bearing Akasa's "Venom" branding.

The Viper fans perform very well.  They utilize a complex "S-blade" geometry which does a great job at reducing noise (primarily by controlling vortices on the ends of the blades) while still providing good airflow.  They also have fluid dynamic bearings, which are very smooth, have low vibration, and long lifetimes.  The fans are joined to the bracket by rubber mounts, which help minimize noisy vibrations.

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