Scythe Himuro Mini HDD Cooler Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

The Himuro Mini is easy to implement, the install is simple, quick, and easy. Installing it into your case is similar to any other hard drive, and the mounting holes can be slid to make sure it's compatible with your case.

The Himuro Mini certainly reduces vibrations, and kept the drive casing cool to the touch. We weren't able to get temp readings from the SSDs we used with the Himuro, but we will be testing with a notebook drive to quantify its cooling capability, and will update at that time. The build quality is fantastic, made from thick aluminum and the pieces fit together perfectly.  The only minor issue I ran into is that the metal clips that hold SATA cables in place don't hold as well since they are slightly pressed down by the casing, so it requires a bit of extra care to ensure they don't pull out of the socket.


  • High quality aluminum

  • Numerous anti-vibration features

  • Good cooling capacity

  • Simple assembly


  • SATA cable clips don't hold well

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