Scythe Himuro Mini HDD Cooler Review - Pictures

DSC 0907  DSC 0908

The Scythe Himuro Mini comes in a small box which has multilingual specifications and illustrations of the features.

DSC 0909

In addition to the outer metal chassis, the Himuro Mini comes with two anti-vibration cooling pads, as well as mounting screws.

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The Himuro Mini has a thick, heatsink-like casing made out of aluminum for added head dissipation. The pieces fit together snugly, and four flush black screws hold the upper plate to the bottom. Each piece has anti-vibration padding on them. The actual mount that secures the Himuro Mini (and your 2.5-inch hard drive) is made of a piece of firm rubber with a metal screw embedded in it for further vibration reduction.

DSC 0594  DSC 0595

The upper piece has a hole in one end for connecting the power and SATA cables to your 2.5-inch notebook-sized drive or SSD, and the rubber thermal pads help keep your hard drive as cool as possible (while also further absorbing vibration).

A quick note on installation:

I installed the Himuro Mini in the CM Storm Enforcer, which has a tool-less drive bay. The tool-less setup has a set hole spacing (as many tool-less designs do), and it didn't match up to the holes on the drive. Conveniently, the rubber mounting brackets can be slide along the length of the chassis to ensure that you won't have any issues fitting it.

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