Coolermaster NotePal U Stand Notebook Cooler Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

An attractive brushed aluminum surface and completely positionable, whisper quiet fans top Coolermaster's solid NotePal U Stand laptop cooler.  The whole cooler is meant for customization, from the fan targeting and anti-slip placement to the 5 positions of tilt.  The U Stand is built for the wear and tear of roughest notebook handlers, where even the plastic parts and all of the hinges are sturdy and robust.  The U Stand will reduce your system temperatures and will extend your system's own fan life.  It's also still low-profile enough where it could be easily transported, although the large aluminum plate, which contributes so positively to the durability and cooling capacity, adds a fair amount of heft to the cooler.  It isn't too much to bring along, but depending on your particular travel regimen, it may be an important factor.  If you still wanted more, it also has 3 USB ports to expand your accessories or to have your notebook workstation waiting with the insertion of a single USB cord.

Overall, a solid cooler from head-to-toe, and finds features where other notebook coolers have been monotonous and lost.


  • Large, sturdy, attractive brushed aluminum surface
  • Positionable fans and anti-slip pads
  • Solid build quality
  • 3 USB Ports



  • Relatively heavy


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