Coolermaster GeminII S524 CPU Cooler Review - Pictures

DSC 0597  DSC 0599

The GeminII S524 comes in the usual white/purple box, with good packaging, plenty of pictures, and multilingual specifications and features listed prominently on the box.

DSC 0602

In addition to the GeminII cooler itself, there are two user manuals (one is English-only), and both AMD and Intel mounting hardware supporting all of the latest chipsets.

DSC 0603

DSC 0607  DSC 0617

The GeminII S524 uses five, 6mm plated copper heatpipes, as well as fins directly on the base, to efficiently transport heat from your CPU to the fins.  The fins with the downward airflow directly over the base has shown to be very effective at quickly dissipating heat, and minimizing the thermal load on the heatpipes.  The aluminum fins have fairly large spacing which enables better airflow between the fins, and more cooling for the components below the heatsink as well.

DSC 0608  DSC 0613

DSC 0611

Coolermaster chose an "S-blade" fan for the GeminII S524, just like their Hyper 612 PWM.  The benefits of teh "S-blade" geometry is that it reduces vortices from the blades, and thus makes them quieter.  The base is plated copper, and is very smooth and uniform.  It has some minor visible machining grooves, but it appears to be very flat, which is the important factor, not necessarily a mirror finish, as even contact is what leads to better cooling.

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