Vizo Ninja HS Notebook Cooler Review - Pictures

DSC 0448  DSC 0449

 The box is rather low-profile, and has plenty of features, pictures, and specifications listed and depicted.  The packing was pretty good and everything looked well-protected.

DSC 0451

The contents are simple.  You get the cooling fan base, and the two supporting legs, and a USB cable to to power the fans and allow for the three expansion USB ports to be used on the cooler.

Fan Base

DSC 0457  DSC 0460

DSC 0467

The fan base itself is rock solid and is made of aluminum and houses the two 70mm fans.  The surface has a smooth, attractive finish with the Ninja and Vizo brandings cleanly displayed.  The top is finished off with a grey mesh, which is also sturdy.  The right side of the base has the USB power port and the three expansion ports.  As you can also see from the bottom, the fans can be adjusted from side-to-side, which is for the hotspot "targeting" that the Ninja HS really looks to fulfill.  The housing is as open as possible, which seems to have been a design philosophy all the way through.

DSC 0468

The mesh surface has an airy hexagon geometry, and as mentioned before, is also quite sturdy, and its grey color adds a nice contrast against the black housing.

DSC 0596

DSC 0469  DSC 0472

The legs assemble easily onto the base, using two thumb screws which are on a track so that you can position the fans right where you need them.  This also makes for quick disassembly for taking it on the go.  The legs also have a roller on the upper part which makes "scooting" your notebook around very easy.  Not a feature I'd have come up, but it's actually something I've grown fond of. 

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