Coolermaster Hyper 612 PWM CPU Cooler Review - Testing


DSC 0546  DSC 0548

Installation is fairly easy, and makes installation into a case which has a CPU retention hole in the back a breeze.  The design has you secure the cooler to the motherboard by attaching the mounting screws, which use spring tension to apply pressure and help prevent over-tightening, placing the cooler onto the motherboard, and securing the screws through the back of the motherboard.  This means you can install your motherboard and not worry about being able to reach the ever-increasingly difficult upper left motherboard screw, and then from the back, through the CPU retention hole, secure the cooler to the motherboard.  A breeze overall, and I was happy with Cooler Master's mounting design.


The Test System:


Intel i5 2300
Motherboard: MSI P67A-GD55
RAM: 2x2GB Patriot Viper Xtreme 1600MHz DDR3


Idle Testing

For idle testing, we booted up the system, allowed the CPU to stabilized at below ~0% usage, and then tested for at least 10 minutes, and we used RealTemp to record the CPU temperatures once the temperatures were stable.  The single temperature recorded was the average between the four cores.

Idle Temperatures2

Load Testing

For our load tests, we used Prime95 to stress the CPU to 100%, and let it run that way until the temperatures became stable, and then used RealTemp to record the temperatures.

Load Temperatures


As we can see from these charts, the Mine 2 and Hyper 612 are very comparable at idle, with the Mine 2 doing a bit better at stock during idle testing.  However, the Hyper 612 PWM takes a stance of dominance when it comes to the overclocked testing.  Temperatures for both idle and load tests were about 7°C cooler.  This is highly significant, and given that the reason for these large aftermarket coolers is overclocking, the Hyper 612 PWM is the clear winner here, by unanimous decision.  This leaves a much larger thermal margin to increase your overclocking gains!  And at an MSRP of $49.99, this is going to be another tough one to compete with in terms of value, and it may indeed deserve the claim of the "big brother" to the Hyper 212+!  This ought to have alot of people excited, and Cooler Master sitting on another hot-selling product!  A 7 degree margin is huge, and at around $10 lower MSRP than many other comparable coolers, the Hyper 612 PWM may make your choice very easy.

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