Coolermaster Hyper 612 PWM CPU Cooler Review - Pictures

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The Hyper 612 comes in a box similar to most other Cooler Master products, in a simple purple/white box, with plenty of specs, features, and pictures included in multiple languages.

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In addition to the cooler, you have the universal mounting hardware (Up to Socket 1155/1366 and AM3+), an English "quick manual" and a multilingual manual, which also included English instructions.  Also included is the rest of the installation hardware and a small syringe of thermal paste, which is a nice inclusion.  Another thing I quickly looked for was a second fan bracket, which is present, thankfully.

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The tower itself uses a single tower design, and takes up a nearly identical footprint as Scythe's twin-tower Mine 2 cooler, which we will use for performance comparisons later.  It uses an aluminum fin structure with a copper base, and packs 6 copper heatpipes.

DSC 0536

The fins have a wider spacing which allows for greater airflow between them, and helps minimize stagnation.  This helps for low fan speed operation when the static pressure coming from the fan is not particularly high.  Cooler Master has also added another feature to help with low-speed operation, which was done by punching holes (5 total across the width) in the middle of the fins to allow the airflow some pressure equalization, which prevents stagnation, and enables higher airflow at lower pressures.

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Cooler Master adds a little flavor to the Hyper 612 PWM by adding two black fins to the top with a unique shape.  This adds a little extra aesthetic appeal to the cooler for cases with a window, and looks pretty good overall.

DSC 0538

A subtle feature that I liked with the Hyper 612 PWM's fin structure is that there are small tabs bent downward which hold the fins' spacing and helps keep the fins from becoming bent or restricted.  The fin profile also has an indent over the fan-mounted surface to further help from airflow stagnation that occurs when the fan gets "choked" by the heatsink fins being too close to the fan.

DSC 0539

The fan that comes with the Hyper 612 PWM is also well chosen.  It utilizes an S-blade design which has proven to be much quieter than many conventional fan shapes at the same airflow ratings, since the curvature of the fans helps minimize vortices (the major noise contributions) that results from the rotational motion of the blades.  It is smooth, and very quiet, even when run at full speed.  I'm glad Cooler Master coupled a decent fan withe the Hyper 612.

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The copper base is wide, and very smooth.  The six heatpipes are designed so that all six cover the entire CPU "hot zone," which helps prevent a few of the heatpipes from becoming thermally overloaded, and a more even heat distribution.  This can greatly help cooling performance, especially at the thermal loads required by a large overclock.

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