Coolermaster Notepal X-Slim Notebook Cooler Review - Pictures

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The X-slim comes in a fittingly low-profile box with images outlying its primary features and all specifications are listed on the back.

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The contents of the X-Slim's packaging are minimal, the cooler itself, the USB extender power cable, and a user manual.

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Nearly the entire surface is comprised of mesh, promoting excellent airflow throughout the bottom, and especially good cooling without the fan running, and would act great as a passive stand/cooler.

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The bottom has a centralized venting system for intake to the center 160mm cooling fan.  The profile of the X-Slim, as would seem obvious given its name, is trimmed wherever possible, minimizing its effective depth, as well as weight.

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The side profile is very... low profile.  It can be held, moved, and carried easily, it is very very light overall.  The outer dimensions are "sucked in" everywhere they can get away with it, and other than the fan, it's a hollow shell of the bottom plastic and the upper mesh, which is great from both a weight and airflow standpoint.  There is also some great cable management features brought to the table, with not only routing grooves, but storage rungs and a clip in spot on for the USB connector, and even better, it's mirrored on both sides so you can have it setup to whichever side you prefer for your notebook.  The edge has a smooth and nicely contoured piece which covers the edge of the mesh, and is very comfortable to hold.

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Like I mentioned earlier, the overall "airiness" of the cooler would make it a great passive cooler without using the fan at all, and flip-out feet only further this quality.  Not only does it help put your laptop into a more ergonomic position, but helps give added clearance for airflow not only on a desktop, but in particularly soft surfaces, such as a mattress or blanket which could otherwise suffocate your airflow and potentially lead to dangerously high component temperatures.  It's very comfortable to have on your lap, and since it's so light, it's not a burden like many others may be.

Transportation is also great, as it easily slides in next to my notebook in my backpack, and I don't really notice it while carrying it around.  The cable management clips keep everything tidy through travel, and the deployable feet make it easy to slide it in next to your notebook in any bag you carry it in.

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# David 2012-01-05 07:33
It really looks thin, the design is okay. But anyway Im looking for effective and silent one and it has it here. SO this is thumbs up plus its lightweight.