Scythe Kama Panel 3 Multi-function Panel Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

I often find it difficult to discuss products that work just as advertised, and I'm at that junction with the Kama Panel 3.  A simple connection to enable each of the Panel's functions, and it's up and running.  Everything is plug n' play, and it works great.  The hard drive dock is an awesome feature, and works great with one of my spare notebook drives, and would work even better with an SSD.  The card reader is responsive and well constructed.  e-SATA works well and the controller works flawlessly, with a subtle readout.

DSC 0997  DSC 0998

Overall, the Kama Panel 3 can do the job that would normally take 2-3 external bays on the front of a case, it all works well, is well constructed, and is simple to setup and use as well.  It offers fantastic storage versatility with the ease of access of the front of your case.  A smooth, simple fan controller will keep two fans under your control, and their status on the LCD screen, with display options to boot.


  • Wide-range versatility
  • Well constructed
  • Easy setup, simple use



  • The panel looks a bit cluttered




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