Scythe Kama Panel 3 Multi-function Panel Review - Pictures

DSC 0932

 The Kama panel comes in a very colorful, picture-clad box clearly showing its prominent features and specifications, and in multiple languages.

DSC 0933

The Kama Panel 3 comes with all the necessary cables for the fan controller and hard drive/SD card inputs, as well as a user manual.

DSC 0935

DSC 0938  DSC 0940

This panel is all business, no room for fluff here.  It features a rather large power button and a reset button as well.  In addition to microphone and headphone inputs, there is a multi-format card reader and a combo e-SATA/USB 2.0 port, and an awesome 2.5-inch HDD slot for quick swapping of smaller drives.  The right side houses the LCD readout, LCD mode settings, and the two fan speed control knobs, which are, as you can see, retractable.


DSC 0937

The Kama Panel 3 has a full-sized plastic housing which is open for all of the various connectors.  This leaves some room for some cable organization and management as well.  The electronics are cleanly laid out, and the circutry appears to be robust.

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