Scythe Kaze Q12 12-Channel Fan Controller Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The KAZE Q-12 has a beautiful brushed aluminum front panel and is sturdy, with excellent build quality.  The knobs turn firm and are themselves very solid.  All of the componentry is well reinforced and well laid out and assembled.  A little extra cable management room is also opened up by not using a closed cabinet, and instead leaving it open.

The ability to turn off fans completely and also the LEDs on the controller itself are both nice touches, especially for those who use a high-end computer in a low-power setting where all of the fans, and the noise associated with them, are not needed, or where the "flash" of the lights is not preferred.

The controller works as simple as the turn of a button, and it doesn't get any easier.  It works great, and we are looking into getting 12 high-power draw fans to see how well it performs when heavily loaded by 12 demanding fans, and will update the review when those come in.


  • Clean look
  • Brushed aluminum
  • Good build quality
  • Simple operation
  • LED and fan power toggle



  • None yet






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