Scythe Kaze Q12 12-Channel Fan Controller Review - Pictures

DSC 0916

 The KAZE Q-12 comes in a Scythe-typical colorful box with multilingual specs and features listed and illustrated.

DSC 0914

The KAZE Q-12 comes with a large bundle of fan cables to power all 12 of them.  They are quite long, and should allow for very clean cable management on the back of the case unless the power cables from the fan itself are quite short.  It also comes with four mounting screws.

DSC 0926  DSC 0919

DSC 0930

The KAZE Q-12 has a beautiful polished brushed aluminum face.  It has a great-looking texture and a subtle shine to it.  The buttons are very solid, they have a firm turn, and the switches feel very well made and built. The KAZE Q-12 also comes in a silver version with the same build and the same brushed aluminum face.

DSC 0924  DSC 0925

The rear panel with the electronics is also sturdy, the components are cleanly laid out and the panel is assembled in a durable fashion.  Instead of putting the electronics in a closed cabinet, it opens up a few extra inches inside the drive bay for cable management and routing, which, if you have 12 fans to run, you ought to appreciate.

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