Coolermaster Notepal Lap Air Notebook Cooler Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The LapAir is the most comfortable lap-based cooler I have used.  The soft padding is very comfortable, and conforms well, adding an ergonomic factor, yet it's not so squishy that the base is unstable.  The single cooling fan is very quiet, and vents a cool whisp of air uniformly under the notebook, keeping the surface of the computer noticeable cooler.  The built-in cable management is very neat, and the storage slot for the USB connector makes streamlining for travel a breeze.

The design is simple, functional, and very smoothly designed.  The flat upper surface curves neatly to the underside, and it looks even better in person than it does in pictures.  Simply elegant, and comfort meets a notebook cooler that can work as well on a desk as it will on your lap.  The fan vent comes off easily to enable easy cleaning to keep your notebook from having dust blown into its vents, and keep airflow at its best.  The built-in cable management is well thought out, and despite being such a simple addition, really adds to the entire cooler as a whole.


  • Removeable/washable vent cover
  • Quiet
  • Cable management
  • Neat design
  • Comfortable padding



  • No USB hub/ports


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