Coolermaster NotePal Infinite Evo Notebook Cooler Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The NotePal Infinite EVO has an elegant and functional design that combines premium materials, innovative design, ergonomic comfort, and all the standard features we've come to expect from Coolermaster products.  The three-port USB hub keeps your peripherals out of the way, and the raised surface allows "invisible" cable routing.  The two 80mm fans are whisper quiet and move around plenty of air, keeping the surface cold to the touch and fresh air reaching the critical components.  Fan speed adjustment allows you to keep the fan speed/noise proportional to your need for it.  Large rubber feet keep your notebook in place on the cooler, and the cooler to the desk.

The Infinite EVO is very comfortable to use on your lap or even laying down, and the slightly propped rear portion holds notebooks at a comfortable and ergonomic position.  The space between the laptop and the bottom of the U-channel also is perfect for an external hard drive to rest, which can also utilize the cable management features, and, even more importantly, the cooling airflow.

Overall the Infinite EVO is a beautiful combination of style and function, and is definitely one of the most attractive notebook coolers you can find, and if you have a Macbook Pro, you won't find another cooler that matches is like the Infinite EVO does.


  • Sand-peened aluminum surface
  • Quiet operation/continuous fan speed adjustment
  • Comfortable
  • USB Hub
  • Built-in cable management
  • Easily accommodates up to 17-inch notebooks



  • None thus far



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