Coolermaster NotePal Infinite Evo Notebook Cooler Review - Pictures

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 The NotePal Infinite EVO comes in very clean, neat packaging with plenty of specs and features listed and illustrated.

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In addition to a USB power/hub cable, the Infinite EVO comes with a detailed, multilingual user manual.

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The Infinite EVO is topped with a sand-peened aluminum panel that looks like it came from the scraps of a Macbook Pro, and matches beautifully with them.  The aluminum really helps distribute heat, and is actually very cool to the touch.  Form and function in beautiful symphony.  There are also four rubber pads that holds your notebook in place very firmly while also giving the bottom of the notebook a little elevation allowing air to move in between the cooler and the notebook, enhancing overall cooling.  The Cooler Master badge is neatly placed at the top of the "U" channel in chrome plastic.

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The Infinite EVO employs some unique innovation.  Instead of simply blowing air upward under your notebook, which often gets "choked" because there isn't that much space between the cooler surface and the notebook, they draw air in through the back, turn it, and sends it towards the back of the cooler, improving airflow, and hence thermal transfer.  An 80mm fan draws air in through each side, and it's channeled to the U-shaped vent, blowing upwards and backwards, and the hole will ensure that the air won't become stagnant, and will keep aiflow high.  Air vents in on the underside of the aluminum upper surface, keeping the aluminum itself chilly to the touch.

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The open underside really allows air to move more freely across the bottom of the notebook, you thus need less "push" from the fans to force air through a small space, so the two 80mm fans are whisper quiet.  They are less quiet than the cooling fan on the notebook itself, and adds no noticeably noise over the regular fan apart from it having a different sound to it.  The space between the cross-piece at the upper portion of the U-channel and the bottom of a notebook is the perfect size to set a passport-sized external hard drive as well, which will also be kept cool by the notebook cooler.

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The right side of the Infinite EVO has a three-port USB hub for anything from printers, hard drives, mice, keyboards, or anything else you could desire.  Works great if you often take a notebook in and out of your desk.  You can leave your desk plugged in, and all you have to do is plug in one USB cable and you're back in business.

The left side has the mini-USB power cable port, an on/off switch, a small power LED, a wheel-adjustable fan speed switch, and an external DC power port if you would prefer to power it that way.

From the side profile, you can see the neat curvature of the underside, which fits very nicely when using it on your lap.  The aluminum surface is raised to allow you to route the cables neatly all the way around the cooler.  This is a fantastic design feature, and enhances the cleanliness of your desk and the entire setup.

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Here we can see the rear intake vents, and the large rubber feet on the bottom of the cooler.  These feet grip the desk very well, and it requires a large amount of force to get it to slide.  It also has a gentle ergonomic curve to the bottom to enhance venting, and the shape works very well for using the cooler on your lap.  It rests neatly and props it at an angle that makes it very comfortable to use. 

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