Scythe Mine 2 CPU Cooler Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The Mine 2 is Scythe's latest twin-tower cooler packing a renowned 140mm Slip Stream fan, which runs very very quiet, The split-fin design also looks unique, and also has a functional reasoning, it helps minimize flow stagnation which allows better overall airflow through the fins.  The stacked heatpipes also help alleviate the thermal load on the normal, single-stacked heatpipe designs, and should theoretically allow the Mine 2 to reach a point of increased efficiency once the first row of heatpipes reach a thermal load which begins to pass off heat to the upper row of heatpipes.  Our testing didn't really "push" the cooler to the levels at which this thermal efficiency could be obtained.

I'm happy that Scythe has finally adopted a bolt-through mounting system, as I've always had a trust thing with push pins coming undone with large coolers.  The system isn't the simplest I've used, but it's easy and straightforward, just requires a bit of assembly before mounting.  The heatpipe caps like on the Yasya also look good, and the sleeved fan cables show attention to detail on the Mine 2.  At its price point, the Mine 2 is a formidable competitor, and should definitely demand your attention, as we will be keeping ours on its high load performance, which we predict will do very well.


  • 140mm Slip Stream fan
  • Quiet
  • Sleeved cabling and PWM
  • Simple Installation



  • No extra fan mounting clips


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