Scythe Susanoo 12 Heatpipe 4 Fan SCSO-1000 CPU Cooler Review - Pictures


The Susanoo comes in a colorful and informative box, displaying the features and the (particularly important) dimensions and other specifications.

The Susanoo comes with an installation manual, a PWM controller for all four fans, a packet of thermal paste, and the necessary mounting equipment.

Here are the four 100mm fans that will move a ton of air over this massive cooler.  This will move alot of air over your entire motherboard, and importantly over the heatpipes and the fins that extend so far over the cooler.  Each of these Slipstream fans are designed to be very quiet, and we will see how loud four of them together sound.

The fins are nickel-plated, and there are bare copper heatpipes.  The Susanoo has stacked an unbelievable 12 heatpipes into the cooler, as you can see on the base they are stacked.  They also utilize the upper flow from the fans, and put a heatsink right on the base, in an effort to wick heat away directly from the base, minimizing the heat that would need to "flow" through the heatpipes, allowing greater efficiency in heavy heat loads.

The fins on the cooler aren't particularly deep, but they don't need to be quite so much more, since the cooler is so wide.  The heatpipes that are on top of the stack aren't going to be as efficient or carry as much of a heat load, and Scythe minimizes the weight by keeping the fins smaller on these pipes.

The base is very smooth and flat, and the heatpipes spread out very wide over the heatsinks fins.  The large heatpipe surface area also helps remove heat directly from the heatpipes, which is critical for dissipating a large amount of heat power.

The four fan cables are held neatly in a spiral sleeving, and the slipstreams employ a curved blade design which has become popular recently due to their great acoustic performance.  The array looks impressive!


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