Arctic Cooling Freezer XTREME Rev. 2 Review - Pictures

DSC 1096  DSC 1097

 In typical Arctic style, the Freezer XTREME comes in a form-fitted, clear package which allows you to get a very good look at the product itself.  It looks sleek, is easy to open, and I've generally really liked their packaging style.

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Out of the box comes the relevant Intel and AMD mounting accessories, and a user manual, pretty standard.

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The Freezer XTREME is fairly large, but not so massive as many of the latest twin-tower coolers, which is a good thing.  It has very sturdy, robust nickel-plated fins, and four copper heatpipes.  One thing that I like in particular about this cooler is the plastics on the outside that gives it a very sleek and modern look.  I think the graphics and styling would be an improvement on appearance inside of your case instead of just the bare fan and/or fins.  The fan sits inside the plastics, which can be easily removed by pinching two tabs holding it in place, and it slides out nicely.

DSC 1102

I really think the plastics just give the profile "flow" and makes it look very continuous, which looks great in my opinion.  Another performance aspect of the side plastics is that it will keep the flow "inside" the cooler, which should increase pressure, and allow more effective cooling, as opposed to the air leaking out the sides of the cooler, which would lower the pressure.

DSC 1103

The fins have small tabs bent in them to give the whole tower more rigidity, and it seems to work well, as the fins feel very sturdy, and not at all in danger of bending.  The four heatpipes radiate from the base in a standard horseshoe-type configuration up into their respective cooling towers.  The fan cable is seen as well, in a rather colorful cable scheme.  The cable is very thin, but having it sleeved would have been nice, as it would have matched the rest of the cooler a little better, but this is an admittedly nit-picky observation.

DSC 1104

The fins have jagged notches in them, this allows for better airflow by limiting stagnation of the airflow as the fan tries to push it through the fins, which will allow more volume of air to flow between the fins.

DSC 0109

Here is a look inside the towers with the fan removed, as you can see the jagged fins run down the entire length of both towers.

DSC 1100

The copper base is very smooth, and looks very flat as well.  This should ensure a flush fit with the CPU, and as you can also see, it comes with pre-applied thermal paste, in this case it is Arctic's popular MX-2 thermal paste. 

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