Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm Fan Review - Testing and Final Thoughts


Until we get our decibel-meter, we will do our tests by isolating a fan, and doing a very close aural inspection, which just means we will just listen closely!  We used a long fan extension to get the fan far from the case itself, and pace it through its entire range of RPMs using our Scythe Kaze Master Pro fan controller.

My first experience with the started as a silent dream and progressed to an intense fury of air-moving proportions.  I started with the knob on the lowest setting, and the Gentle Typhoon was essentially silent, you had to put your ear close to hear the mild "wisp" of air leaving it, and still a fairly impressive amount of airflow.  I then quickly turned up the dial (on the 5400RPM) version and I was literally blown away.  They are loud, and they are fast, and they move an ENORMOUS amount of air!  I was carefully handling these by hand so I could feel how the vibrations felt, or lack thereof.  These are very smooth despite their ferocious 5400RPM, and there is a substantial inertia felt in those high RPMs as I would carefully rotate the fan there as a very definite resistance to even rotating its orientation, a powerful fan to say the least.  At about half on the knob, they move alot of air, and do so very quietly, and I'd personally recommend running these on a fan controller unless you'd like them running full blast all the time and don't mind the noise associated with moving that much air.  I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there was a measurable pressure difference inside the case due to the exhaust fans not being able to keep up with one of these intaking.  Impressive.

These fans are relatively spendy, but as I usually do with high-end fans, I try to justify why that cost might be worth it.  The primary benefit to splurging on a high-end fan is that, plain and simple, they are built better and will last far longer.  With most fans reaching near $10 for a standard fan, and with my experience of their lifetimes, you could easily go through 2-3 of those fans during the life of one Gentle Typhoon, which puts you near equal or over the cost of one of these if you had just saved up and made the jump initially.


  • Great build quality
  • Near-silent operation at lower RPMs
  • Moves a TON of air at full RPM
  • Very smooth, nearly no vibration



  • Noisy at full speed, a necessary evil to move that much air


These fans are impressive in all aspects from build quality to the versatility of its operation ranging from a silent mover to an airflow powerhouse with the control of a fan controller.  These are top-notch fans which may serve a wide array of purposes, and should provide extremely long lifetimes.




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