Noctua NH-C14 High Performance Top Flow CPU Cooler Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

As I type this, I feel as though I'm rather beating the dead horse, as I have the same impression as any of Noctua's other coolers, and that is of pure satisfaction.  Versatility, user-friendly design, performance, and quality make this another home-run in the cooling game, and this definitely has to usher in a retake of top flow coolers.  As many of the top coolers are moving to larger tower designs, the NH-C14 pushes the limits to many of the top large tower coolers.  I must also mention the value that is held in also receiving a tube of high performance thermal paste and two top-of-the-line NF-P14 ultra-quiet fans.  The cooler's mounting system is effortless and secure, and is one of my favorite features with any Noctua cooler.

It also performed phenomenally in all of our tests, and bests its smaller brethren, the NH-C12P SE14.  Ontop of that, it has equally impressive overclocking performance, with almost no increase in core temperatures with a 25% overclock!  This might make OC enthusiasts think twice about brushing past a top flow cooler.


  • Relatively low profile, good clearance, flexibility with fan placement
  • Great performance in all tests
  • Easy and reliable installation
  • Great product Presentation
  • Plenty of accessories including high end NT-H1 thermal paste
  • Very very quiet



  • We will let you know if we find any!


Yet another impressive product from Noctua that we can confidently recommend!


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