Noctua NH-C14 High Performance Top Flow CPU Cooler Review - Pictures

DSC 1203

The NH-C14 comes with everything you need to mount to either AMD or Intel chipsets.  It also comes witha wide variety of accessories, including a tube of their high performance NT-H1 thermal paste.  The cooler also comes equipped two, ultra-quiet and high performance NF-P14 fans.

DSC 1188

Out of the box , the NH-C14 cooler has the NF-P14 fans are attached to the heatsink securely with wire clips, and the fan can be shifted slightly along the heatsink quickly by unsnapping the clips and shifting it over.  They can also be easily removed to be able provide maximum flexibility for low-profile or high-clearance mounting.

DSC 1190

The fins have grooves to prevent air from stagnating as it exits the fan bezel, and helps improve overall airflow.  The fins are sturdy, and relatively thick nickel-plated copper, and have a pleasantly modern appearance.

DSC 1191

The six heatpipes are neatly placed , and are also nickel-plated copper, which run to the base of the cooler.

DSC 1192

Here you can see the fin design, as well as the rubber pads which cushion, prevent vibration, and also provide a little spacing for the fan from the heatsink itself.  The holes are also there so that you can use the provided screwdriver for mounting the cooler.

DSC 1194

Noctua's logo is elegantly embossed on the end fin of the cooler, once again, you get a good feel for the shape and contours of the fins.

DSC 1200

The base of the cooler is very smooth and level, and should ensure very even contact across the CPU.  You can see how the six heatpipes converge on the base as well. 

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