Arctic Cooling NC Notebook Cooler Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Arctic Cooling's NC notebook cooler is by far the most portable I've used.  Most are large platforms for the entire computer to rest on, with fans which blow straight up on the notebooks underside, which this allows you to set the rear of your notebook on the cooler, giving it a nice prop and makes using the keyboard a bit more natural-feeling, and blows a steady breeze under the notebook.  I'd have to think that this method is nearly as effective as the traditional cooling method.  While using it, I noticed that my fan was definitely working less, which will help drastically extend its life, and was also an indicator that it lowered component temperatures.  On other cooling products, I perform a subjective temperature analysis, but testing with notebooks is difficult, due to the variations in fan speed as the notebook cools and warms.  A great indicator, as I mentioned before, is the fan speed, which was, without a doubt decreased after placing the NC cooler underneath it.

The front USB port works great, and would be great to connect wireless mice, flash drives, etc when you are on the go, just unplug the whole cooler with everything connected, stow it in your back, and you are good to go.  One note I'd like to make is that the notebook I'm using has an extended battery, and took a little fiddling to get the cooler to fit with it in a way I liked, but the fact that it worked with an extended battery means you shouldn't have any issues in getting it to fit comfortably underneath your laptop.  As I mentioned before, I was quite surprised by how much air these two little fans were able to move, and they create a substantial breeze along the desktop.  Another major consideration, noise level, is also tackled nicely by the NC cooler, they are whisper quiet, and most of the noise seems to be from the air blowing out of the cooler itself, and with the speed adjustment dial, you can fine tune the sound to your particular liking if you really enjoy your silence.  Even at the lowest fan speed, which is nearly inaudible, the NC cooler still moves plenty of air, and was still able to make my notebook fan work less, and I could noticeably feel a temperature difference on the top of the notebook.

All in all, it's a great, highly portable little notebook cooler which should also be cheaper than many of the other notebook coolers out there.  It works effectively, quietly, and does so in a small package complete with 4 USB ports, quite a satisfying little product!


  • Light, small, and portable
  • 4 USB ports
  • Good airflow
  • Very quiet



  • Might take a little tinkering to get it to fit just right with an extended battery


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