Arctic Cooling NC Notebook Cooler Review - Pictures

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 The notebook cooler comes in very typical Arctic presentation, in clear packaging with plenty of information, and minimalistic in additional size.

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The fan comes with its USB power cable, a user manual, an Arctic Cooling (AC) sticker, and two anti-slip pads so that your laptop stays in place on the top of the cooler.  It has a very nice rubberized outer finish, and the label and Arctic Cooling's logo are tastefully placed on the unit.  The white and black color scheme is something which has come to symbolize Arctic Cooling, and they've continued that here, and I personally like the contrast it provides.  You can also see the fans of the unit, which are different than most other notebook coolers I've see, because these are not standard case fans, but more similar to those in a video card.  This means that the air will not be blown straight up onto the bottom of your laptop like most coolers do, but blow air along the bottom of it.  This would certainly ensure that heat is wicked away from your hard drive, RAM, and also ensure that the ambient air temperature is kept down, which would especially help keep your CPU temperatures in check, and keep your notebook fan from having to work so hard.

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The airflow is output through the bottom edge, and moves the air parallel to your notebook.  These fans move a very surprising amount of air, when I first plugged it in, I had it sitting on my desk, and it creates an impressive breeze.  The fans are also very quiet, the notebook fan itself is louder than they are, so the quietness of this cooler definitely works in its favor.

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The bottom has numerous rubber anti-slip pads on it, and the front USB port is very convenient.  Also, in the center is a blue power LED which comes on when the fan is running, having it facing away from the laptop is nice, as these LEDs can sometimes be very bright, and quite distracting, if not irritating.  The speed dial is on the right of the USB ports, and it works very smoothly, and there is a certain point where the dial "clicks," in order to shut the fans off completely, which is nice to be able to do.  The cooler is very light, yet plenty sturdy.  It's easily the most portable laptop cooler I have used, and would fit in my laptop bag easily, without me noticing it until I needed it. 

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