Scythe Gekkou Standard Version Mid Tower Case Review - Final Thoughts


It often seems like the newest players in a particular industry are the ones who take it upon themselves to really touch on all of the intimate details.  Scythe certainly did so with the Gekkou, as it is loaded with many great little features!  A removable and easily cleanable intake, three options for the door configuration, e-SATA, removable hard drive cage, many fan mounting options, rubberized thumb screws, tool less installation, two high quality slip stream fans, options for mounting the PSU with either side up and rubber grommets to minimize vibration doesn't even quite cover them.

Scythe's cooling products have become very popular amongst enthusiasts, and the attention to detail that has made their other products successful is one of the things that really has me liking this case.  In a sub-$100 package, the Gekkou certainly has alot to offer!  It was designed with the serious builder in mind, and is priced easily in reach of the first time builder who wants to start out "right" by buying a nice case that will serve them well, and last.  From the brushed metal front panel of the door, to the clean interior, Scythe has cut the fat from other designs, kept it elegantly simple, and packed every nook and cranny with small features that leave your interests feeling well covered.  Nearly ever aspect of the case was designed with functionality and flexibility as a primary consideration, and getting creative with the Gekkou should be no problem, and it should leave you more than satisfied!


  • Brushed Metal front panel
  • Removable hard drive cage
  • Hard drive fan mounts
  • Door may open either direction, or be taken off
  • Washable intake filter
  • Hole for CPU cooler mounting/dismounting
  • Bottom vent for PSU
  • Plenty of room for large Graphics Cards
  • Overall flexibility


  • No pre-cut holes for cable management, but there is plenty of accommodations for adequate management


We would like to thank Scythe for providing these samples, and we are happy to express our satisfaction with this product by awarding it with the Teck Kings Crowned Products award for a product we would recommend!

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