Scythe Gekkou Standard Version Mid Tower Case Review - Pictures-Interior



The interior appears pretty basic at first, but there are some neat little features which I will demonstrate shortly.  You may also notice the preinstalled motherboard standoffs, which is certainly a nice touch.  It also comes with a hole in the motherboard tray to enable mounting/removal of CPU coolers without having to completely remove the motherboard, another very nice feature.

Here is one of my favorite internal features, there are a number of easily removable fan-mount trays which you may use to cool your hard drives.  Not only that, by removing two thumbscrews, the whole hard drive case slides effortlessly out.  This makes hard drive installation a breeze, but what many people will thoroughly enjoy about this is the cable management potential because of this feature.  You can easily mount your HDDs backward to hide the cables, as well as lay out any other extra cables behind the hard drive cage, then slide the cage in last to conceal it all.  It also provides easy access to the front fan for removal or replacement.

Here is the space where the hard drive cage normally rests, exposing the front 120mm Slip Stream fan, and you can see the nice plastic guide for the hard drive cage.  There is a fair amount of space, about an inch or so, behind the hard drive case which may be used for hiding and routing cables, this keeps your cabling from interfering with airflow, particularly from the intake fan.  I'll show this to you soon as well.

Here is the upper bay cage, with yet another mount for a fan to keep your drives cool, either to blow down onto your HDDs or up to your optical drives, not that they particularly need cooling.  Once again with the details, rubberized thumbscrews eliminate the need for tools which dampening vibrations, minimizing noise production.  You can also see in this image how much additional space there is to hide cables behind the HDD cage.

Here is a look at the front panel with the door open, exposing the front intake vent.  This also provides a good time to discuss the door, because Scythe made enormous strides with their design of the door.  It has strong and smooth hinges, as well as a strong magnet to hold it closed, so you won't have the door flopping open or squeaking on you like many other doors do.  Also, they designed it with the ability to open EITHER direction based upon preference or how your case sits on your desk/cabinet, or if you really don't want a door, it can be removed completely!  Flexibility at its finest.

Another thing I forgot to mention earlier, you may also see the power and reset buttons inconspicuously placed on the very top of the case, near the front.  I like their concealed placement, and I actually had to look around for half a minute before locating them!

Simply remove these little tabs, and switch the door's hinge, and have it open to the left or the right!

Once again, Scythe impressing with the Gekkou with the numerous little features.  They have a very nice metal dust filter on the front intake which is exposed by giving the front vent a gentle press towards the top, and it opens up!  The filter then pops cleanly off of the vent for cleaning!  Definitely an awesome feature, and one of my favorites!

Here is a quick peek inside the front panel, as you can see, very neat wiring from both the LEDs as well as from the front port.  The front panel detaches easily and cleanly.  You can also see how the filter is mounted over the front intake over the front vent as well.

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