Scythe Gekkou Standard Version Mid Tower Case Review - Pictures


The Gekkou comes in a tastefully-colored box adorned with many pictures depicting and highlighting its main features, as well as listing the specifications of the case.  It is packed with firm foam supports in the box and the accessories are secured neatly inside the case itself.  I've had several other cases that has parts that rattle around inside the case, not with the Gekkou.


Here is our first close look at the Gekkou, this picture highlights one of my favorite aesthetic features of the case, which is the brushed metal on the front door.  It looks very clean, and diffuses the light in a nice way to create a contrast in the blacks.  I'm a huge fan of the brushed metal look, and this jumped out at me.  Along the side of the door you see many little vents for the front intake fan to draw in air evenly to keep noise at a minimum.  There's an opening at the bottom of the door to also permit air into the intake, which you will see shortly.  Along the side you see the front ports, which include a microphone and audio jack, as well as two USBs, and yet another awesome inclusion, an e-SATA port!  I'm often switching my external drive between PCs, so having this is awesome!  No more getting on my hands and knees to connect to the rear e-SATA, not to mention it saves you wire and cable clutter, and PCI-slot space by not having to mount an e-SATA port on the back.

The styling is simple, clean, and professional, but yet they've designed it in a way where it's not boring either, which, in my mind, is a tough combination to achieve.

This is a closeup of the front ports, the side vents on the door, and it also gives you a good look at the brushed metal surface on the front door.

Here is the back of the case, which reveals even more features.  One being the built-in watercooling hose ports, which has become relatively standard in gaming-grade cases, but a welcome inclusion nonetheless.  You also see a bottom-mounted PSU with another trend I'm loving, a PSU vent in the bottom of the case.  This allows you to position the PSU either direction, which gives you cable management and airflow flexibility.  By having the PSU draw cool air from the bottom of the case and immediately exhausting out the back, you thermally isolate your PSU, which should lead to cooler operation of your PSU and lower ambient case temperatures.  They also go the extra mile with the small details, such as the small rubber grommets on the bottom for the PSU to rest on, giving it a bit of elevation from the case bottom, and dampening any vibrations from the PSU from creating more noise in your case!

The Gekkou also comes with two of Scythe's renowned Slip Stream fans, as you can see the exhaust fan in this picture.  There is also room on the side panel for up to two 92-140mm fans on the side panel, with pre-drilled holes for maximum compatibility.

Here's a simple look at the side panel, giving you a good look at the side vents, and you can clearly see the numerous hole for any sized fan you choose to use on the side.

Here's another look at the bottom vent for the PSU, as well as the very nice rubber case feet surrounded by a mirror silver bezel.  It also appears that there are predrilled fan holes on the bottom, and I'm not exactly sure if it's to enable the addition of a fan with either taller case feet or some other usage with your PSU.

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