Scythe Gekkou Standard Version Mid Tower Case Review

Scythe isn't particularly known for their cases, but more-so for their case fans and CPU cooling products.  With their success in the cooler market, and the importance of good airflow in a case, we think it would be wise to give Scythe a fair amount of consideration for your next case, and after seeing their newest Gekkou case, we think you should check them out!  An abundance of nice features, both aesthetic and entirely functional leave us impressed by a company who has only produced one case before the Gekkou!



Possible to sent the Front Panel from Three Types:

  • Right-Side Open (Default)
  • Left –Side Open
  • No Panel Cover

Air Flow:

  • Front Fan sucking in fresh air from the outside.
  • Rear Fan pushing the hot air to the outside of the case.
  • This allows constant airflow inside the PC Case to avoid the creation of heat accumulation.

Air Filter: To avoid dust from getting into the case a removable and easy-to-clean air-filter was built in front of the fan.

Drives Mounting Mechanism:

  • Equipped with an easy tool-free mounting mechanism for 5.25” Drives allows safely mounting of 4 drives.
  • It is possible to mount the drives into the 5.25” bays using conventional screws (Push Screws).
  • Up to FOUR 3.5” Hard Drives can be mounted inside the removable HDD Cage using the tool-free mounting mechanism.

Power Supply:

  • Power supply Units can be mounted in the bottom of the PC
  • Case resting on thick rubber spacer. User can decide whether the PSU should be mounted facing the fan top or bottom side.

Maintenance hole:

Users who are changing or detaching their CPU Coolers often will benefit from the maintenance hole which allows the detaching of backplate systems without the necessity to remove the motherboard.

Front Port:

  • Two Switches on the top
  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x E-SATA
  • 1 x Mic and Headphone Connector (AC97/HD Audio compatible

Standard version allows mounting of up to TWO fans in sizes 80, 92, 120, 135 and 140mm onto the side panel.


Spec Type:
ATX Mid Tower

Overall Dimension:
7.72 x 20.67 x 16.93 in / 196 x 525 x 430 mm

14.55 lb - 16.42 lb / 6.6 kg – 7.45 kg (Weight is varies depending on model)

Solid Stainless Steel

Motherboard Compatibility:
ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ATX, Mini ITX, FLEX AT

W/ Power Supply:


Drive Bay:
5 x 5.25” (1 of the bay is used as 3.5” bay)
1 x 3.5” (used as 5.25” bay) [4 x Internal Bay]

Cooling Systems:
2 x Slip Stream 120mm - 800rpm / 40.17CFM / 10.7 dBA (1 for Rear, 1 for Front)

Front Port:
Power button, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x E-SATA
Audio In and Out (compatible to AC 97 / HD Audio)

Mounting of up to TWO fans in size
80, 92, 120, 135, & 140mm


This case also comes in a "Silent" version which has no side fan vents and the upper and side panels have acoustic, sound-muffling and anti-vibration foam applied to them for maximum quietness.  It also comes in three different colors, so Scythe gives you plenty of flexibility to fit your particular tastes and needs.

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