Aerocool PGS VS-9 Mid Tower Gaming Case Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The Antec 300 now has a very formidable competitor for high-performance, low cost case solutions.  Between top, side, and bottom vents, up to four front-mounted fan, and a vast array of possible fan configurations, the VS-9 has a ton to offer for its price.  It also has a very solid integrated cable management system, despite not having any pre-cut holes to route cables behind the tray.

Attention to detail is also very clear in the VS-9, rubberized thumb screws, folding handles to remove the side panels, and a black, powdercoated interior are all features normally reserved for higher-end cases, and all have come together in a case that costs only about $50.  Aerocool's tool-less design is also the best I've yet to use, and is also easily the most solid and stable I've used as well.

I think that this case could become the new king of budget performance cases as more people buy, use, and discover it.  The single and only complaint I would have is that it doesn't come with an intake fan, but at the price it's listed with the features it packs, an intake fan shouldn't necessarily be automatically included.


  • All black interior
  • Huge airflow options
  • Hole in motherboard tray
  • Integrated cable management
  • Price
  • Overall attention to "the little things"


  • No included intake fan
  • No precut cable management holes (remedied by built-in options)


We were thoroughly impressed with our experiences with the VS-9, and if you are looking for a budget gaming case, look no further.  The Aerocool VS-9 leaves very little to be desired!

We would like to thank Aerocool for providing us with this sample, and we award their VS-9 case with our Tech Kings Crown!


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