Aerocool PGS VS-9 Mid Tower Gaming Case Review - Pictures- Interior



Here is our first look inside the case, and we are pleasantly greeted by an all-black, powdercoated interior.  This is another feature that is often reserved for much higher-priced cases, and is one of my favorite aesthetic features out of the box.  There is also a hole in motherboard tray for mounting and changing coolers without having to completely remove the motherboard from the case.  There are also cable tie points and built-in cable ties on the right portion of the case as well.  It also features tool-less features which work very well, possibly the most solid of the tool-less designs I've used up to now.  Everything is very clean, and very functional, and is incredibly pleasing overall.



Here is the bottom vent, and this feature enables one very unique quality.  It enables you to mount a PSU either direction, which is a great feature.  It allows you to draw in cool air through the bottom vent, and exhaust it out the rear, thermally isolating the PSU from the rest of the case, which should help keep both PSU and ambient case temperatures down.  There is also room for yet another 140mm fan next to the PSU if you wish.


Here is yet another feature that shows the attention to detail on these cases, adjustable feet.  this enables a very stable base, or they can be rotated to allow a streamlined fit in tight spaces.  On the front, you can see an air intake neatly tucked underneath the skeleton of the case.


Here is a Scythe Chouriki 2 PSU mounted with the intake fan open to the bottom vent of the case.  This is one of my favorite features of this case, and something that I hope Aerocool will have pioneered to catch on in other designs.


As you can see, the integrated cable management is very clean and works very well.  It would be nice if there were some holes to pass cables behind the motherboard tray, but the included posts and cables do a great job, nonetheless.


Here's a look at how the included fan brackets are used to mount fans on the front.  You can position them in any fashion you'd like, and the click right into the tool-less holes.  You can also see the foam inside the front panels which should do a good job filtering dust from the intakes.  Here, we've mounted an Aerocool Shark 120mm fan as our intake.


Here, we've mounted two more 140mm Aerocool Shark fans which mount perfectly into the top.  These vents could possibly also be used as a radiator system for an integrated watercooling system.

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