Aerocool PGS VS-9 Mid Tower Gaming Case Review - Pictures


The VS-9 comes in a simple-looking, yet very sturdy and functional box with a sturdy carry handle on the top.


Here are the accessories included with the case, including a 3.5-inch adapter for a floppy drive or card reader, a speaker, four fan mounts which mount seamlessly in the front of the case for up to four front intake fans, a user manual, and a plethora of various screws.


With our first look at the VS-9, a few things become quickly apparent.  One is that it has a very clean and functional design, with minimal pizazz.  This is very characteristic of many aspects of the VS-9, and ought to have many people very pleased.


On the front we see the panel on the left side which has the power/reset buttons, two USB ports, and audio/mic jacks.  The removeable panels are made of a foam-backed mesh which should do a great job at filtering dust.  You can also see the top vent which is capable of housing two 140-mm fans.  The holes on the vent permit the use of essentially any standard-sized fans as well.  The PGS-V (Performance Gaming System-Value) logos and the Aerocool logos are both neatly presented on the front in a very unobtrusive fashion.  The contours of the front bezel have a nice, modern design without being too flashy, but also breaking up a completely "boxy" geometry.



The side panel contains a vent the same size as the top, and is also capable of housing two 140mm fans, and the holes also permit the use of other sizes as well.  This enabled a large amount of flexibility when it comes to cooling, and gives you a high degree of control over airflow, as well as noise levels.


The back panel has two holes for watercooling tubing, the included 120mm rear exhaust fan, and a bottom-mounted PSU space.  We also see a glance at the bottom vent, which I'll cover in more detail in a bit.  The thumbscrews are very nice, and have a rubberized coating which limits vibration, and are very easy and "comfortable" to use.  This is the attention to detail that Aerocool employs in its Value series that gives it that extra value boost.


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