Aerocool PGS VS-9 Mid Tower Gaming Case Review


Aerocool has been a leading developer of high-performance computer components at an affordable price.  Their VS-9 case is part of their Performance Gaming System Value series which fits perfectly into this philosophy, as the products in their value gaming series are specifically designed to have a very high performance-to-cost ratio.  Features that normally come with an added cost are included in abundance in the VS-9, and our initial impressions are very good!




  • High performance "Mid-Tower" for gamers and enthusiast.
  • Solidly constructed "ALL BLACK" chassis – 0.6mm SECC Japanese Steel and beautifully finished ALL BLACK interior.
  • High-end Graphic card Support – Supports longer high-end VGA cards up to 295 mm.
  • High Expandability – Supports 9 x 5 1/4" bays and maximum 5 x 3.5" HDDs (internal) with HDD convertor brackets.
  • Superb HDD Cooling capability – Each HDD bracket has pre-drilled fan holes to mount a 12cm fan to cool each HDD individually.
  • Ease of Installation – New "Easy-install" screw-less kits are included for the 5 1/4" devices and PCI slot.
  • Easy Access Front I/O ports – 2 x USBs and Audio/Mic ports are easily accessible from the front panel.
  • Smart Cable Management – Cable routing clips are pre-mounted on the MB so users can arrange the cables inside the chassis neatly.
  • CPU holes is pre-drilled on the MB plate for ease of CPU cooler assembly Superb Cooling – Users can install up to 7 fans - 3 x 12cm front intake fans (optional), 2 x 12cm/14cm intake side panel fans (optional), 1 x 12cm back exhaust fan (included) and 1 x 12cm intake bottom fan (optional).
  • Un-rival Airflow – The front "Mesh" front bay cover design allows max intake of cold air. The top chassis vent holes enable the hot air inside the chassis to exist easily. Users also have the option to install up to 2 x 12cm/14cm on the top panel if there is sufficient space inside the chassis.
  • TAC 2.0 compatible Side Panel
  • Bottom PSU position – the bottom PSU location enables PSUs to suck in cold air and provides better air flow for your system.
  • Water-cooling Support – water-cooling holes are pre-drilled to support water-cooling systems!!


Case Type Middle Tower
Material SECC 0.6mm
Motherboards ATX / Micro-ATX
Chassis Dimensions 430(H) x 190(W) x 493(D)
Drive Bays 9 x 5.25" (External) /1 x 3.5" (External-w/ adaptor) /5 x 3.5" HDD (Hidden) /1 x 2.5" HDD(Hidden)
Expansion Slots 7 Slots
Max length space available for PCI slots 295 mm
I/O Ports 2 x USB2.0 / Mic & headphone (AC97 & HD audio)
Fan 120 x 120 x 25mm b_150_100_16777215_00_http___www.aerocool.us_pgs_images_12-black-fan.jpg
Rated voltage 12V
Voltage range DC 6V ~ 13.8V
Starting voltage < = 9V(Power ON/OFF)
Power consumption 2.4W
Rated current 0.20A
Speed 1500 RPM ± 10%
Air Flow (CFM) 58.35 CFM (Max)
Air pressure 2.1mm H2O
Noise (dBA) 26.67 dB-A
Bearing Sleeve


Superb airflow - install up to 7 fans
  • 1. Front - 3 x 12cm fans (optional) (w/Fan adaptor)
  • 2. Back - 1 x 12cm fan (included)
  • 3. Side - 2 x 12cm or 14cm fans (optional)
  • 4. Bottom - 1 x 12cm or 14cm fan (optional)

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