Fractal Design Node 605 HTPC Case Review

Final Thoughts

The bottom line for the Node 605 is simple: if you're looking for a case that not only functions as an home media center, but also looks good too: look no further than the Node 605.  This may be a bit challenging build for a first-timer, but a seasoned builder would easily be able to make quick work of it.  The build was significantly simpler, easier, and cleaner than I had "feared" going in and was, all told, a pleasure.  Some unique and innovative drive mounting really enabled Fractal Design to keep a clean layout in a small form factor chassis.


The aluminum front panel has a stunning brushed aluminum appearance, fits together beautifully, and is finished superbly.  The overall build quality is a great, with the entire chassis giving off an aura of durability and sturdy construction. The good vibes didn't stop there either.  We've loved Fractal's cases for their low aesthetic "footprint" and their attention to acoustic damping and noise elimination.  The extremely quiet Silent Series R2 fans push plenty of air for this chassis while staying wonderfully quiet.  The entire upper panel being covered in noise damping material is the icing on the cake.  With the aluminum front panel blocking any attempt at noise escaping forward of the chassis, the result is near-silent unless you're right up next to the system itself.  With a more quiet CPU cooler or a passive solution, this will be a silent PC enthusiast's day.


Fractal Design Node 605 Review - Final Thoughts 


And now, to the only sticking point of this beautiful chassis.  It comes with a rather hefty price tag.  Today Fractal's Node 605 will set you back about $160, which we wouldn't say is necessarily that high for the quality of the case, including the thick aluminum front panel.  The challenge is really that the computer chassis market is highly-competitive and the $160 can get you a high end case, but of course those looking for an HTPC case are looking for compact size and low noise, the former having relatively few options.  The closest competitors would be several models from Silverstone and Lian-Li, which the Node 605 is priced very similarly to.  High-end HTPC cases have always carried a bit of a premium, as it's a more of a niche market, and while Fractal's execution is nearly flawless, the $160 price tag will be prohibitive for many who might be looking for an affordable / budget media machine.  But for those looking for a classy looking case that will be whisper quiet without choking your components with heat and have alotted the budget for a case that will serve them proudly for years, it'd be hard to go wrong with the Node 605.


The Good


The Bad

  • Supports nearly every size motherboard
  • Sexy aluminum front panel
  • Sturdy construction
  • Quiet.  Near-silent.
  • Clever layout
  • Fans have great airflow-to-noise qualities (and look good)
  • Built-in fan controller
  • ODD mounting design a bit "clunky"
  • USB 3.0 cable too long
  • Only 2 included fans
  • No reset button

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