Sentey Extreme Division GS-6070 II Abaddom ATX Mid Tower Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts


I had a hard time believing that the low-priced, mid-sized Abaddom could live up to its XXL name. As it turns out, Sentey has produced a fantastic enclosure for the budget-minded enthusiast that is sure to serve them for years. Some owners may find themselves cleaning the inside of their case more often than others, but it takes little imagination to purchase, cut, and rig up some wire screen filters of your own. Those with more creative capacity should find great modding potential in the Abaddom. Should you take it upon yourself to push the design of this case to the max, send us some pictures or a link to a gallery of your work. We would love to feature your creation on the site! 


The Good


The Bad

  • A well sculpted exterior
  • Attractive bay covers to hide optical drive(s)
  • Six 120mm blue LED fans keep internal components looking and feeling cool
  • Highly competitive price of $74.99
  • Side panel grille is a big entry point for dust
  • Plastic drive tray clips are a bit flimsy


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