Raidmax Seiran Mid-Tower Red Gaming Case Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts


The Seiran looks great in a studio setting, but closer inspection of the fit and finish reveals it falls short of many competing chassis in the same price bracket. Increasing your budget to $100 opens up a bevy of great choices such as the Antec 900, Fractal Arc Midi, Coolermaster CM Storm Enforcer, or the iconic NZXT Phantom. But the Seiran does tick the quality box where it counts. Sturdy handles for the side panels and a reliable tool-less drive system should make frequent changes to your system configuration a hassle-free process. We're not sure why our review unit didn't come equipped with the updated side panels, but we're glad that Raidmax corrected this fault. If you really dig the Seiran's looks, nobody's stopping you from picking one up today. Although you might be happier in the long run with another chassis from the refreshed Raidmax lineup such as the Raptor or Orion.


The Good


The Bad

  • Raidmax offers a nice color palette to chose from
  • Quality construction where it counts
  • Externally removable PSU filter
  • Refined side panel offers plenty of room for cables
  • Front panel knobs and buttons feel cheap
  • Doesn't offer any compelling advantages over $100 competitors other than styling


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